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Rocktopus - Inspiration From Organic Geometry

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A mountain is composed of tiny grains of earth. The ocean is made up of tiny drops of water. Even so, life is but an endless series of little details, actions, speeches, and thoughts. And the consequences, whether good or bad, of even the least of them are far-reaching.” ~ Swami Sivananda

We Magic-Flighters are pretty fortunate to live here in sunny San Diego, a colorful place full of natural wonders. Whether we are hiking in the mountains, camping in the desert, or strolling down the beach, we can't help but appreciate the natural beauty that surrounds us. Within this beauty, we find Sacred Geometry all around, in plants and animals alike. From the smallest atom to the vast and infinite universe, these geometric laws that create everything in existence remind us of how we are all connected to each other and to nature.

sacred geometry

Also known as the Language of Light, Sacred Geometry is often understood as a worldview of pattern recognition, in which all basic patterns of existence are considered divine. Such patterns are just as mesmerizing as they are meaningful, and they have inspired art, architecture, music, and countless schools of thought for centuries. As we explore through nature in its many forms, we see these patterns in the hexagons of snowflakes, in the leaf arrangements of plants, in the spirals of nautilus shells, and in, well, everything!

Naturally, since we San Diegans live so close to the coast, we are inclined to seek out sacred patterns under the sea as well. The ecosystem of San Diego's ocean is very unique, with astounding biodiversity and a wide variety of under-water habitats in which Sacred Geometry can be recognized. If you were to go diving off the coast of La Jolla Shores, you would find some of the most wondrous sea life native to this area. One such creature, the California two-spot octopus, can be found about 60 feet deep at Vallecitos Point, dwelling in the coral and crevices along the canyon's ledges. Their dens are often found by looking for piles of crustacean shells, as their diet mainly consists of lobster and crab, although they also enjoy small fish and abalone.

Two-spotted octopus combo

While several types of octopus can grow as large as fourteen to thirty feet long, the California two-spot octopus is actually quite small, only about three-and-a-half feet long when fully grown. At rest, their coloring is that of a mottled brown, with a vibrant, blue occellus (false eye spot) under each eye. However, one of their most amazing characteristics is that they are capable of changing their color and texture to blend with their habitat. This chameleon-like feature, along with their ability to eject a cloud of ink and jet away, is a rather fascinating mode of protection from various predators such as sea lions, moray eels, and leopard sharks. Furthermore, an arm lost in an unfortunate encounter with a predator can be regenerated – yet another attribute that makes this species so extraordinary. Octopi are also renowned for their intelligence, and the California two-spot octopus is no exception. Should you choose to have one as a pet, beware. They are very crafty escape artists, using their tentacles to turn screws and lift tank lids. Octopi, in general, are truly fascinating creatures. It is really no wonder as to why they would serve, in both form and function, to inspire our most recent addition to the Artisan Collection.


The design for the Rocktopus Launch Box is really quite unique, with bold, symmetrical features, and an intense blend of biological and spiritual nature. When asked about the inspiration behind Rocktopus, the artisan who designed it replied, “Well, we were talking about doing a new line to evolve the Sacred Geometry theme, and organic shapes came to mind. I started thinking about geometry in nature, particularly brain coral, which I had an obsession with a couple of years ago, because it looks so awesome and is fun to paint. So I was researching online, just looking at images for inspiration, and I found one with an octopus poking out of some coral. Octopi are geometric and organic at the same time! Also, they are fun to draw.”

So, the next time you find yourself exploring through nature with your new Rocktopus Launch Box, we encourage you to recognize the patterns of Sacred Geometry that surround you. With infinite possibilities, how might this world of geometric beauty inspire you?

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