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Embrace Change and Escape Pods

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As the saying goes, “the only constant is change.” We couldn’t think of a more apt expression for all that transpires in our neck of the woodshop. It seems like daily we’re having conversations that end with, “we’re going through a transition right now…” and that is possibly an understatement. However, the great thing about being in the midst of change and learning and growing through it all is that you’re more receptive to suggestions on how to improve everything from the way you do business to what you’re selling (and of course all the internal, personal things in between).


When we talk about change, we like to think of you—our flight family— as our best guides through and to change. That’s why when we hear, see, or receive suggestions about how we can improve upon our products— your purchases— we take them to heart. Like our Escape Pod stash boxes!

“Hey Magic-Flight,” you said, “wouldn’t it be rad to include a partition for our ABV so we can save it but also have a spot for our pre-ground flowers?”
“Well hey now that’s an idea…” we thought.
“But how rad would it be if the Escape Pods fit the grinder?” you continued.
“Pretty rad, actually,” we agreed.


And thusly, we present to you the new and “improved” Escape Pod design with a “wodget” partition in between the circular grinder-sized spots. You can grind directly into the circular chambers using our finishing grinder or stash the micro grinder right there. The best part is, the wodget is removable in case you would like to use the whole storage space instead of with a partition. And, with magnetic “locking” feature, the lid should be more or less secure (for extra peace of mind we do sell rubber bands to make sure your stash is safe).

We love the innovation of changing things in a way that benefits people and makes their lives easier. When we hear suggestions with such a simple solution, it’s exciting. These are the parts that help us grow into a more intelligent, collaborative community of artisans. You might not know that through the process of refining the design on the Escape Pods, it actually took a redesign and greater intimacy of skill with some of our existing machines to create the wodget and chambers. Therein lies the excitement of crafting with an openness to change: the constant expansion of technique and ability simply through holding space for transformation.


As we continue forward with constant change, we welcome the ever-changing breadth of our community as well as the continued support from you all. We are ever constantly casting our net of like-minds and then tightening the circle that is our Flight Family. Through it all, know that we are here creating with you in mind and we hear the brilliance in your voices.


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