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  • Cleaning Brush - A must-have for Launch Box maintenance - Used to gently remove herbal residue from the trench - Made of wood and features our signature glyph to perfectly compliment the Maple Launch Box - Magic-Flight

Cleaning Brush


Product Description


The Magic-Flight Cleaning Brush is a must-have for Launch Box maintenance. Crafted from wood and adorned with our signature Magic-Flight glyph, this handy little tool perfectly compliments the natural appearance of your Launch Box. The Cleaning Brush should be used after each trench to maintain your Launch Box's natural beauty, and prevent herbal residue build-up that can block vapor output. Keeping your trench clean will help ensure a longer-lasting screen and extended optimal functioning of your Launch Box. Because the screen is relatively delicate and may still be hot after use, our Cleaning Brush is truly the ideal tool for keeping it tidy and residue-free.




Your purchase includes:


     - One wooden Cleaning Brush


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