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  • Deck of Essential Wisdom - 33 cards to gain insight, meditate or stimulate philosophical discussion.
  • Deck of Essential Wisdom 33 card deck.
  • Celtic Knot card - The strength of any group is known as much through its flexibility and tolerance as through its commitments and follow-through.
  • Space Diamond card - Significance is maximized when inward awareness toward the soul matches outward awareness of the world.
  • Totem Pole card - At the root, desires of the self and those of culture are always in deep alignment and agreement - The deepest desires of the self are always connected with the deepest desires of community and nature.
  • Bee on a Flower card - The integrity and health of a relationship, or a community, is defined by the continuity of natural communication.
  • Owl and the Moon card - To know the meaning of any existence, of any single life, one must know the meaning of many existences, many lives, worlds, and many paths.
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Deck of Essential Wisdom


Product Description

The Deck of Essential Wisdom, by Forrest Landry and Janelle Despot, represents an alternative fusion between the ancient divination systems of the Tarot and the I-ching.


Based on the pocket sized philosophy book, “The Tiny Book of Essential Wisdom”, the accompanying vibrant and stunning artwork represents over two hundred hours of hand-drawn illustrations depicting the artist's transformative journey within, capturing and embodying a few of the deeper meanings of life as understood through personal experience.


Cards can either be shuffled and chosen at random to gain insight into a particular issue, used in conjunction with an existing meditation practice, or used to stimulate philosophical discussion among friends. The cards are intended to be the basis for deep, reflective consideration.


Every card contains a short, single, precise statement of an essential principle or truth. The contemplations have been carefully selected so as to be of maximum significance, value and usefulness. They each are presented with the intention of enabling you to lead a more meaningful, beautiful, and high-quality life.


Deck of Essential Wisdom includes:


  •  33 illustrated aphorism cards   

             Dimensions: 4” x 7”

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