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  • Silver Utility Pack - stock up on accessories for your Launch Box with a Battery Set, a Glass Draw Stem, and a Cleaning Brush - all for a limited-time bundle discount - Magic-Flight

Gold Utility Pack for Launch Box - Save 15%!


Product Description


Stock up on accessories for your Launch Box with this discounted Gold Utility Pack. Equipped with the following three essential tools, you will be able to remain in flight throughout the holiday season.


Gold Cell Battery Set: Complete with protective, glyph-branded, black caps, these NiMH AA rechargeable batteries have been designed specifically for use with Magic-Flight vaporizers, and are engraved with our signature glyph for easy identification. They employ proprietary battery chemistry to deliver an experience tailored for the Launch Box and Muad-Dib Concentrate Box, resembling the performance of a Power Adapter 2.0 at a setting between 70% and 80%. Our NiMH AA rechargeable batteries will last considerably longer than their predecessors, providing between two and three trenches-worth of power, a faster heat-up time, and a hotter trench temperature when in use.


Cleaning Brush: The Magic-Flight Cleaning Brush is a must-have for Launch Box maintenance. Crafted from wood and adorned with our signature Magic-Flight glyph, this handy little tool perfectly compliments the natural appearance of your Launch Box. The Cleaning Brush should be used after each trench to maintain your Launch Box's natural beauty, and prevent herbal residue build-up that can block vapor output. Keeping your trench clean will help ensure a longer-lasting screen and extended optimal functioning of your Launch Box. Because the screen is relatively delicate and may still be hot after use, our Cleaning Brush is truly the ideal tool for keeping it tidy and residue-free.


Glass Draw Stem: Magic-Flight's Glass Draw Stem gives you a unique vaping experience in both its polished appearance and its utility. It serves to cool vapor before it is inhaled, and can be cleaned easily with a pipe cleaner and rubbing alcohol. With this custom-made Glass Draw Stem, you will be able to visibly follow the thermal expansion of vapor as it fills your Launch Box and makes its way toward your lips.


While these handy accessories are all available for individual sale, you will save over 15% by purchasing them together with this Gold Utility Pack for your Launch Box!




Your purchase includes:


     - Set of (2) rechargeable Gold Cell NiMH batteries with protective caps

     - Battery Safety Guide

     - (1) Cleaning Brush

     - (1) Glass Draw Stem


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