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  • Gold Utility Pack - stock up on matching accessories for your Muad-Dib with a Gold Cell Battery Set, a Brass Loading Spoon, and extra Replacement Screens - all for a limited-time bundle discount - Magic-Flight

Gold Utility Pack for Muad-Dib - Save 15%!


Product Description


Stock up on accessories for your Muad-Dib Concentrate Box with this discounted Gold Utility Pack. Equipped with the following three essential tools, you will be able to remain in flight throughout the holiday season.


Gold Cell Battery Set: Engraved with our signature glyph, and complete with protective, glyph-branded, black caps, these batteries have been designed specifically for use with all of our Magic-Flight vaporizers, especially the Muad-Dibs. Just like their predecessors, these new Gold Cell batteries employ proprietary chemistry to deliver an experience tailored for the Launch Box and Muad-Dib Concentrate Box, resembling the performance of a Power Adapter at a setting between 70% and 80%. All of our NiMH AA rechargeable batteries will last considerably longer than other batteries, providing between two and three trenches-worth of power, a faster heat-up time, and a hotter trench temperature when in use.


Muad-Dib Loading Spoon: Our Muad-Dib Loading Spoon is simple, yet indispensable. Intended for use with a wide variety of concentrate consistencies, it is the perfect tool for gently transferring material onto the screen of your Muad-Dib Concentrate Box. Its scoop-shaped tip also provides the perfect angle for safely removing and replacing the delicate screen. Made of 100% brass and measuring 4½” in length, the Loading Spoon is not only handy, but also a stylish compliment to the Muad-Dib's Steampunk style.


Muad-Dib Replacement Screens: This pack contains three replacement screens for the Muad-Dib Concentrate Box. These screens clip onto the rails of your Muad-Dib, allowing damaged screens to be replaced, or temporarily removed for cleaning inside the bowl area. Constructed from stainless steel, these handy replacements will get you back up and flying in no time.


While these handy accessories are all available for individual sale, you will save 15% by purchasing them together with this Gold Utility Pack for your Muad-Dib!




Your purchase includes:


     - (2) rechargeable Gold Cell NiMH batteries with protective caps

     - Battery Safety Guide

     - (1) brass Muad-Dib Loading Spoon

     - (3) stainless steel Muad-Dib Replacement Screens

     - Replacement Screen Instruction Guide


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