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Original Maple Power Adapter 2.4 (beta)

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Product Description


The Power Adapter is back and better than ever! After a great deal of anticipation, toil, and testing, our latest evolution of this flight essential favorite has finally arrived. And, in the spirit of 4/20, as well as gratitude for your patience while awaiting the new Power Adapter 2.4, we are releasing a limited beta run just for you!


To our delight, the results from the alpha PA 2.4 test were very positive, and now you have the opportunity to be one of the very first to purchase one of our beta test units. Most companies don’t even involve the public in this stage of product development, but since this community is founded on collaboration and collective participation, we want you to be a part of the prototype testing, so that we may incorporate your feedback into future iterations of the Power Adapter.


The new PA 2.4 features a modular design that has has not only enabled us to use superior quality parts for the overall build, but also allow us to replace individual components if they ever malfunction, rather than the entire unit. This will not only save you money, but also help us as we continually strive toward eco-friendly manufacturing practices. Purchase your beta PA 2.4 today, and experience first-hand why it has been worth the wait.




Original Maple Power Adapter 2.4 (beta) Kit includes:


     - One Maple Power Adapter 2.4 converter

     - One battery adapter

     - One braided cable to connect the converter to the battery adapter

     - One push back ring

     - A/C Wall Adapter Plug

     - 12v Car Adapter Plug

     - Power Adapter 2.4 Instructions


Handcrafted with love in San Diego, CA, USA



NOTE: THE PA 2.4 DOES NOT HAVE AN ON/OFF SWITCH OR POWER BUTTON. Once the unit is plugged in, the battery portion is continuously "LIVE". To prevent continuous discharge, the push-back ring (provided in the PA 2.4 kit) must be in place, or you may alternatively remove the battery adapter immediately after each draw. Utilize the push-back ring for safety and less hassle. Magic-Flight does not condone the use of our vaporizers without the push-back ring.


We'd be more than happy to hear your thoughts and experiences with the new beta PA 2.4! Please send feedback to our Customer Support team once you've had a chance to try it out, and they'll pass along any input that will contribute to making this product the best it can be. Welcome to the beta team!


Lifetime Warranty: If you have any issues with your Power Adapter 2.4, or if it ever stops functioning, you will receive the personal care and attention of our expert consultants. We will walk you through simple troubleshooting techniques, and if deemed necessary, we will replace your Power Adapter 2.4 with a fully-functional unit, or replace individual components as needed. We will always endeavor to have you back up and flying in no time.



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