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  • Spring Has Sprung - the Flower of Life decal - negative digital image - Magic-Flight
  • Spring Has Sprung - the Flower of Life decal - black on a green wall - Magic-Flight

Spring Has Sprung Decal

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Product Description


The Flower of Life strikes again! “Flower of Life” is the name given to the pattern that emerges when seven or more evenly-spaced circles overlap, and is one of the most revered symbols in the world. In addition to our Flower of Life Laser Lid design, and our recent Seed of Life Pendant, you can now adorn your space with this intricately cut Flower of Life Vinyl Wall Decal to instantly raise the vibration on any space.


Found in temples, art, and manuscripts of many diverse cultures, this design's geometry has been studied by mathematicians and philosophers for thousands of years. Some believe it to be a blueprint, or pattern of creation for all life. As such, it is used by many as a meditation tool (much like Metatron's Cube, another ancient symbol offered in our Laser Launch Box line), that can lead to a deeper understanding of our universe.




Your purchase includes:


     - One black Spring Has Sprung "Flower of Life" Vinyl Decal (22” diameter”)

     - Instructions and a small squeegee for successful application


Handcrafted with love in San Diego, CA, USA


*This decal's black material will show up best on light-colored surfaces.


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