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  • 3 ft. Draw Whip - Silicone tubing with acrylic tips cools vapor for a smooth draw from a Launch Box or Muad-Dib Concentrate Box - Ideal for sharing with friends and perfect for discretion - Magic-Flight

36 inch Draw Whip


Product Description

This 36 inch Draw Whip inserts into the draw hole of the LAUNCH BOX, designed to cool the vapor and allows for easy sharing your session with friends. The whip is medical-grade, black silicone tubing that is 3 foot (91.5 cm) in length with acrylic tips. 

Draw Whips are popular because it cools vapor enough to allow for larger draws and for sharing! 

Draw whips are available in three different lengths to suit various needs.

  • The 12 inch Draw Whip (30.5 cm) is great for personal use and has the fastest draw.
  • The 24 inch Draw Whip (61 cm) is ideal for sharing your Launch Box with friends.
  • The 36 inch Draw Whip (91.5 cm) can be shared with friends or employed for super stealth...
    • Attach to your Launch Box tucked away in your pocket and slip the whip up your sleeve for discretion. 

Your purchase includes:

 One (1) 36 inch Draw Whip (91.5 cm) in length

  • medical-grade, black silicone
  • with 2 acrylic tips on either end


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