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  • The AIRomantic: A Handheld, Non-combustion Incense Burner
  • AIRomantic Incense Burner with Power Adapter
  • Great for Ritual and Space Clearing
  • Use the dimple to mold the foil into shape
  • Heat fine incense and rare woods PURELY! NO charcoal smoke or fumes.
  • A quick and effective aromatherapy experience!
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AIRomantic Incense Burner


Product Description

AIRomantic  Incense Burner Special Introductory Price $135   

Incense connoisseurs.. you've just found the perfect tool to enjoy your fine fragrance. We bring you the AIRomantic Incense BurnerA fantastic quick and easy way to enhance and clear your space with infused fragrance to elevate your spirits. It's NOT a Launch Box but uses the same powerful patented technology to release the fragrance of your fine incense just below combustion,

~  UPSHIFT your space.. Create an AIR of Romance!  ~ Choose LOVE! ~ 

The Only Handheld Noncombustible Incense Burner with adjustable heat. Enjoy the PURE fragrance of Resin, Herbs, Woods and Incense. We can't say enough about this. Our Flight Crew absolutely loves the new AIRomantic and we're confident you will, too. It revolutionizes the incense experience! 

Using the patented Launch Box technology, the screen heats and begins to work in less than 3-5 seconds. The AIRomantic powerfully and instantly heats to release fragrant:

  • Resins: Frankincense, Myrrh, Copal, etc.
  • Sacred woods: Palo Santo, Cedar, Agar Wood, Sandalwood, Juniper, Fir Balsam, Blue Spruce, Eucalyptus, Rosewood, etc.
  • Herbs: Sage, Mint, Sweet Grass, Lavender, Mugwort, Rose, Rosemary, Cinnamon, Bay Leaf, etc. 
  • Incense: variety of resin, herbal or wood combinations

The AIRomantic was designed to conserve your supply of precious aromatics and Agarwoods and is an amazing way to release the true essence of fine incense. Compatible with the Power Adapter (included) to easily adjust the temperature without combustion. 

  • No charcoal smoke or fumes
  • No clean up
  • No waiting
  • No flame

The AIRomantic heats quickly and efficiently releasing plentiful plumes of herbal essence without burning. Infuse your direct surroundings without filling the space with invasive smoke. Easily adjust the temperature and simply turns off with the release of a button which gives you total control of your aromatic experience. The divet at the top of the box is to form a cup in your foil to hold herbal material. A fantastic tool for ritual and every day use. 

AIRomantic will clear and revitalize your space to bring an air of inspiration to your work or creative space. As a gesture of self-love or to cultivate romance, share your AIRomantic fragrance in intimate space to enhance the senses. Delightful fragrance ignites the spirit, excites the olfactory senses, and may spark memory and pleasure centers of the brain just as a song can take you right back to a joyful point in time. 

POWERFUL.         QUICK.             SAFE.           EFFECTIVE.            

Whether you're a fragrance enthusiast or serious incense connoisseur, you will not waste precious expensive aromatics with overheating or charcoal fumes. The AIRomantic, experience PURITY with the latest in incense technology in the palm of your hand. 

Your AIRomatic Incense Burner Limitied Edition Package includes:
- One (1) AIRomantic Insence Burner
- One (1) Power Adapter 2.1
- Foils in ABV Container
- Tweezers
- Cleaning Brush 
- Brass Scoop 

NOTE: This is NOT a Launch Box. This is NOT an inhalation vaporizer but does vaporize incense and herbal material for fragrance enjoyment ONLY . 

Hand-crafted with love by our talented artisans in San Diego, California USA 
Lastly, we've found Mermade Magickal Arts to be the finest source of mystical and ancient fragrances that will transport you to another realm --or at the very least make any room smell absolutely fantastic! ;)
Consciously Crafted Natural incense and Artisan Perfume since 1984



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