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  • Set of 2 NiMH AA rechargeable Batteries with protective black caps - Designed specifically for use with vaporizers like the Launch Box and M.D. Box for Concentrates -- Magic-Flight

Battery Set - Rechargeable


Product Description

Rechargeable Ni-MH 'AA' Battery Set 

Designed to power the LAUNCH BOX VAPORIZER on-the-go


RECHARGEABLE BATTERY SET includes two NiMH AA rechargeable batteries, with protective black caps. These replacement batteries have been produced specifically for use with the LAUNCH BOX vaporizer. These are the most stable and safest batteries available and employ a proprietary battery chemistry to deliver an experience tailored for the Launch Box.


Each Ni-MH 'AA' RECHARGEABLE BATTERY provides between one and two LAUNCH BOX trenches-worth of power. Highly efficient, designed with patented technology of the LAUNCH BOX, heats and cools within 3-5 seconds for optimal use of your herbal material. 


Check out our Magic-Flight Battery Chargers to keep your batteries going strong.


Your RECHARGEABLE BATTERY SET purchase includes:


     - Set of (2) RECHARGEABLE NiMH 'AA' SILVER BATTERIES with protective caps



  - Capacity: 2600 mAh

 - Type: between LSD and HSD (What does this mean?)

 - Expected duration: 1-2 trenches

 - Up to 500 recharge cycles

     - Battery Safety Guide


For an enhanced performance, the Power Adapter 3.0 is 20% to 30% more robust with an adjustable temperature control and comes complete with a 24 watt A/C wall plug attachment and 12 volt car adapter attachment for use on-the-go. Bonus feature: attach to your battery charger to the car adapter for more charging power versatility.  






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