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  • Cherry Escape Pod with bamboo lid
  • Cherry Escape Pod to carry your stash for your next LAUNCH
  • Cherry Escape Pod with Walnut Finishing Grinder to transport your stash (Grinder sold separately)
  • Escape Pod holds your finished grind with two compartments (Grinder sold separately)
  • Escape Pod holds your finished grind with two compartments (Grinder sold separately)
  • (Cherry) Escape Pod designed to conveniently receive (Walnut) Finishing Grinder (Grinder sold separately)
  • Walnut (top) Cherry Escape Pod, closed view {2.5” in length by 1.25” wide by 0.9” tall}
  • Cherry Escape Pod with Bamboo Lid
  • Walnut and Cherry rear view with sliding bamboo lid
  • Walnut Escape Pod with lid open with Cherry Finishing Grinder, a perfect fit to refill your Escape Pod (Grinder sold separately)
  • Walnut Escape Pod with Cherry Finishing Grinder, a great way to refuel and store stash (Grinder sold separately)
  • Cherry Escape Pod, a LAUNCH BOX essential (LAUNCH BOX sold separately)

Escape Pod - Stash Box


Product Description

Get your ESCAPE POD, your valued STASH BOX, to keep you in flight once your Launch Box trench is cashed. 


Showcasing artisan craftsmanship and skill with the intricate tri-tone diagonal interior, constructed of solid hardwood bright Maple, rich Cherry, and deep Walnut hardwood. Equipped with a snug-fitting, sliding bamboo lid to safely and securely store your goods, durable enough to withstand banging around with keys or change in your pocket or bag without spilling.


Easily fill your ESCAPE POD with your Finishing Grinder that fits snugly into the chamber for a seamless and tidy transfer of your herbal material and matches the Launch Box trench opening. It's convertible. 


The ESCAPE POD is the perfect solution to extend your flight on the ski slope, beach, or favorite hike. This pocket-sized stash box is the perfect accessory for any Magic Flight enthusiast.


Choose your favorite exterior hardwood: 

  • Cherry - rich hardwood, shades range from warm tan to deeper, warm tones
  • Walnut - dark hardwood, shades vary from light to deep chocolate


Your ESCAPE POD purchase includes:


     - One ESCAPE POD - Stash Box (Cherry or Walnut exterior)

Dimensions: 2.5” in length by 1.25” wide by 0.9” tall

     - One Velvet drawstring pouch


Handcrafted with love in San Diego, California USA



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