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  • Three different herbal blend varieties delightful to vape alone or mix with cannabis to enhance your experience and stretch your stash.



Product Description


3 different samples of our natural, herbal blends for you to explore. These herbal varieties are wonderful on their own for use in the Launch Box and beneficial for those trying to kick the smoking habit. These blends are popular to add to your usual herbal blend for an enhanced vape experience. 

BALANCING BLEUS with its calming effects to the body and breath, this blend encourages relief of tension and anxiety, and may help restore balance of emotions, body and mind. Contains 0.175 ounces of the following herbs:

     - Dalmation Sage
     - Passion Flower
     - Eucalyptus
     - Damiana
FEELIN' FINE may act as a relaxant for the whole body and may sharpen focus. Contains 0.175 ounces of the following herbs:
     - Peppermint
     - Lemon Balm
     - Damiana
SWEETLY CALMING may have a relaxing and warming effects on the torso, as well as soothing effects on the body. Contains 0.175 ounces of the following herbs:
     - Lavender
     - Lemon Balm
     - Chamomile Flower
     - Damiana
Expertly blended by the good folks at VaporBrothers
*All ingredients are pure, dried natural plants and herbs; there are NO synthetic compounds present.*


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