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Product Description


Comes complete with JET Power Bank + all Power Up 3.0 accessories and components


The JET PAC is an all-in-one package, seamlessly combining all the components and functionality of the Power Up 3.0 with the reliable flexibility of the JET Power Bank to power up on or off grid.


The rechargeable 12-volt JET Power Bank is a fantastic, new alternative to batteries. It's a bit larger than a cell phone yet provides you with boundless energy storage specifically designed for use with the modular components of the Power Up 3.0.


The JET PAC leverages the Power Up 3.0 wall plug to charge the unit and the Rheostat and Magnetic Connection Cable plug directly into the JET Power Bank. Charge it up and you're ready to roll!


Up-shift your LAUNCH experience with the JET PAC's endless power and boundless source of energy storage, up to a week untethered (depending on frequency use). The completely modular design, means that any component can be replaced without purchasing a whole new unit, and features a magnetic-connection cable which reduces wired connection wear and tear.

JET PAC also has a DUAL FUNCTION: providing power to your LAUNCH BOX or MD BOX and can also connect to the Universal Battery Charger to CHARGE UP YOUR BATTERIES for even more versatility.

JET PAC features:

  • Power your BOX on or off grid via 3 different options: Power Up 3.0's (1) Wall Plug or (2) Car Charger or (3) the JET Power Bank

  • Power Up 3.0 powers your BOX with the press of a button at home or in the car

  • JET Power Bank stores boundless energy for days of use on-the-go

  • Built-in adjustable dial provides a wide range of temperature settings

  • Timer automatically shuts off after 2-3 minutes in case of accidental engagement

  • Features a magnetic, 4-pin connection for longevity


Your JET PAC includes:

 POWER UP 3.0 including all components and accessories + JET Power Bank

  • One (1) Power Up 3.0
    • One (1) Rheostat Box 
    • One (1) Magnetic-Connection Cable
    • One (1) Car Charger
    • One (1) 18-watt A/C Wall Plug
      • Delivers energy to the Power Up 3.0 and charges up your JET Power Bank
  • One (1) 12-volt JET Power Bank 
    • (Power your BOX on-the-go)
  • Magic Flight's 90-day Accessory Warranty


NOTE: Be sure to TURN OFF your JET Power Bank after each session. To reserve your power, DOUBLE-TAP Power Button until BLUE LIGHT IS OFF.


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