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  •  Power Adapter 3.0 Kit includes:
- One Power Adapter 3.0
- A/C Wall Adapter Plug
- 12v Car Adapter Plug
  • The PA 3.0 is backed by a 90 day accessory warranty.
  • The PA 3.0 is an inexhaustible power source when plugged in at home or in a vehicle with the included car adapter.
  • The PA 3.0 Kit includes a 24-watt A/C Wall Adapter

Power Adapter 3.0


Product Description

The POWER ADAPTER 3.0 is your Launch Box ESSENTIAL REPLACES THE NEED FOR BATTERIESIt delivers steady power with temperature control for a perfect and consistent Launch Box experience every time. 

Comes complete with both a WALL PLUG ATTACHMENT and a CAR ADAPTER ATTACHMENT that simply plugs into any cigarette lighter/12V port power source (auto, RV camper, generator, solar panel, etc.).  

The CAR ADAPTER ATTACHMENT has a DUAL FUNCTION: providing POWER ON-THE-GO to your POWER ADAPTER 3.0 and can also connect to your black, Magic Flight Battery Charger to CHARGE UP YOUR BATTERIES so you're ready for any adventure. 

  • Power is engaged to your Launch Box with the press of a button.
  • Built-in power dial provides complete control over your vaporizing experience with a wide variety of temperature settings.
  • Safety timer that automatically shuts down after 2-3 minutes in case of accidental engagement.
  • The connection from the power source to the Power Adapter is a magnetic, 4-pin connection. 
  • Hand-crafted Walnut hardwood finish by our Artisans.
  • An inexhaustible power source when plugged in at home or in a vehicle.
  • Bonus: charge your batteries with the black, two port Battery Charger on-the-go. 
  • This product is NOT MADE IN CHINA. It is made by our talented team of artisans. 
  • Backed by Magic Flight's 90-day Accessory Warranty.


Your POWER ADAPTER 3.0 includes:

  • One 24 WATT A/C WALL PLUG attachment 
    • Universal plug adapter for your country 
  • One (1) 12 VOLT Car Adapter attachment 
    • (power your Launch Box or connect your Battery Charger to power up batteries on-the-go)
  • Magic Flight's 90-day Electronic Warranty


Handcrafted with love in San Diego, California ~ USA

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